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This section contains various descriptions on how to use this library.
Additionally I am writing a blog toghether with a friend of mine at
There you may find other useful information about this module.

Version History

- New Autofac builder lib to allow Autofac as alternative DI container.
- New method Handle() which executes the target message handlers on the same thread instead of the background queue.
- Messages added to the module do no longer need to inherit from IMessage. This makes it a lot easier working with 3rd party contract classes.

- Fix bug configuring custom logger type.
- Fix bug ScanSpecificAssemblies not working.
- Catch ReflectionTypeLoadException during assembly scanning. Occurred if directory contained an assembly where not all dependencies are available.
- New ILocalContext which can be injected in either message module or handler to store thread static information.
- New Message Module execution order configuration options.

- Check if return values from IAssemblyScanner are null.
- New method ScanSpecificAssemblies during configuration. Allows configuration of a list of assemblies to be scanned instead of whole working directory.
- Replace dependency to log4net with custom abstraction. This enables the lib to run in the .Net 4.0 client profile as well as Silverlight.
- Compile library with .Net 4.0 client profile.
- New MultiThreadExecutionPipe for multiple worker threads.

V - Initial Version
This version is stable and works fine. However there are still some features missing I would like to add, before giving it the 1.0 treatment. For example I like to be able to set an execution order for modules. An execution context where message handlers might store custom information, as well as to stop the execution of subsequent handler would also be nice. Have a look at the Issue Tracker to see the open items I would like to include.

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